Céline Vaneeckhaute Bioresource and Sustainability Consulting

Water treatment

Driven by economic, ecological, and community considerations, wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) are increasingly transformed into water resource recovery facilities (WRRFs). Next to the long recognized and successfully recovered resources, water itself and energy, attention is growing to extract other valuable products from wastewaters, in particular nutrients. Although to date many processes for the recovery of nutrients from wastewater have been proposed and applied to varying degrees, challenges remain in improving their operational performance, decreasing the economic costs, and recovering the nutrients as pure marketable products with added value for the agricultural sector.

SeLow targets an integrated solution approach for waste-water treatment, including the maximal recovery of valuable resources, such as nutrients, metals, and energy, at minimal waste production and costs, meanwhile meeting water discharge and/or reuse requirements.


What we offer:

– Free preliminary visit and study on site
– Laboratory assessment of wastewater flows (if required)
Modelling and mass balance analyses of water and nutrient flows (if required)
– Detailed wastewater treatment approach with maximal resource recovery
– Selection of and contact with appropriate technology providers
– Follow-up of engineering and construction
– Economic and ecological analysis

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Ammonia stripping technology installed at SMIC in China:
The stripped ammonia can be recovered as a sustainable ammonium sulfate fertilizer.