Céline Vaneeckhaute Bioresource and Sustainability Consulting


Céline Vaneeckhaute – Founder & CEO


Master in Bioscience Engineering – Specialization in Environmental Technologies
at Ghent University.
Ph.D. in Applied Biological Sciences, Faculty of Bioscience Engineering
at Ghent University.
Ph.D. in Water Engineering, Faculty of Civil and Water Engineering
at Université Laval, Québec, Canada and Primodal Inc.

Deputy Director of biomethanisation processes
Biomethanisation Center of the Agglomeration of Québec (CBAQ)
Québec city, General Direction.

Sustainable Phosphorus Initiative (www.sustainablep.asu.edu/)
Advisory board, North American Partnership for Phosphorus Sustainability (NAPPS)
Active member, Phosphorus Sustainability Research Coordination Network (P RCN).



Louis Baeyens – Co-founder & CEO


Master in Physical Education and Kinesiology
at Ghent University.