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Nutrient recovery

The increasing awareness of natural resource depletion, the increasing demand of nutrients and energy for food production, and the more and more stringent nutrient discharge and fertilization levels, have resulted in an increased attention for nutrient recovery from municipal, industrial, and agricultural waste flows. On top of that, significant amounts of energy are required for the current production and transport of chemical mineral fertilizers, while costs for these valuable nutrients are increasing. Hence, the dependency of agriculture on fossil reserve-based mineral fertilizers must be regarded as a very serious threat to future human food security.

SeLow aims at stimulating the transition to a bio-based economy by providing sustainable strategies for nutrient and energy recovery from organic waste. Particular attention is paid to the valorization of recovered products as renewable substitutes for chemical fertilizers and/or as sustainable organo-mineral fertilizers in agriculture.


What we offer:

– Free preliminary visit and study on site
– Laboratory assessment of waste and wastewater flows (if required)
Modelling and mass balance analyses of nutrient flows (if required)
– Detailed solution approach, integrating maximal nutrient, water, and energy recovery
– Selection of and contact with appropriate technology providers
– Follow-up of engineering and construction
– Economic and ecological analysis

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Example of a cradle-to-cradle nutrient recycling approach: